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Breaking the hurdles of life- is an inspirational site that chronicles the life of Greg Siofer, a brain cyst survivor, who has made it through life with his strong will and determination.

Location (26th July 2013) 33 years old Greg Siofer led a normal happy life when one day a tumor decided to ruin it all. In 2008, he was diagnosed with an unusual brain cyst that could not be removed with surgery lest his life be put at risk. Unable to bear the pain, however, he underwent two emergency surgeries that rendered him unable to walk, eat, or even speak. Although the cyst was gone from the brain, it left a hole in his life. Father of a beautiful baby girl, Greg did not have the liberty to hold her or play with her. He soon realized that he could either let his disability kill him or strengthen him. He told himself that ‘he could and he would’ choose the latter and started working out and training to recover.

His blog is an inspiration to all and documents his life since first being diagnosed in 2008. In spite of his pain and troubles, Greg shares his faith with the world and motivates anyone who is about to give up on life. The problems we face may be smaller or bigger than what Greg has gone through, but they affect us all the same way, paralyzing us physically, emotionally, and/or mentally. Greg encourages us to stay positive and keep trying. He never allowed his disability to let him feel like a failure. He believes that people only fail when they stop trying.

I work hard to set a better example for my little girl. I want to be there for everybody who is going through a difficulty and wants them to know it takes patience and practice. You are not alone in this and remember we all have a champion in us” – Greg Siofer

Pain is inevitable, but moaning about it is optional. The site inspires people to try instead of wither in pain. Greg’s blog has inspired many patients to get up and try hard. It is easy to speak words of wisdom but it takes a real hero to live through it.

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