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The website from brain cyst operation survivor encourages perseverance.

When Greg Siofer was diagnosed with a brain cyst in 2008, he could have crawled into a shell and bemoaned that his life would never be the same. Instead, the 33-year-old father has devoted his time and energy not only to his own recovery but to sharing his success and positive outlook with others. Siofer’s blog,, shares his story from first being diagnosed to the present, chronicling his perseverance and accomplishments; after spending more than a year in the hospital, he began physio training and was able to work on standing, a motor skill that he thought he might never recover told by professionals. His decision to build the website came from a wish to help those facing a difficult situation who may have lost faith.

“In general, any individual who is facing a tough fight can lose hope anytime,” Siofer said. “This way of thinking can usually be observed in those people who lack faith. Yes, it is only natural for a person to feel stressed out once his/her capability to handle things has exceeded, however, losing hope to the point of giving up one’s life is never the solution for problems,” he continued. His objective with is to utilize his personal struggles and triumphs with his treatment and recovery as a tool to inspire others. “Just don’t give up,” Siofer advised. “Be true to yourself, believe in yourself, and use my story as motivation.”

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