Greg Siofer

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Getting Out has won a Silver Award at Literary Titan and received an Honorary mention at the 2021 New York Book Festival.


I know people with balance issues have nowhere to turn.  This is why the website was made, in sharing my continuous story I hope it gives you motivation.  Things are difficult but you are not alone in this.

Once I reach my goal that I’m happy with, the exercises page will go up.  In the meantime, you can just email me.  I will say an exercise I know worked for me.

Who else is better at guiding you than a person who is going through it?

The exercises are the ones I used, you choose to try them. Please use your common sense and ask your physician before you attempt something.

10 thoughts on “Greg Siofer

  1. I’m Mirella, Ursula’s K. P. Mom, I just received an e-mail from Hermann , that tells about your recovery from your surgery on Dec. 13, and I’m so happy for you, that’s a very good news, that everything is going well, and for sure will be nicer.
    This New Year 2014, is going to even better for you ,than this one, we are sure of that.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!,
    A big kiss for you and your family,

  2. Gregy, I have to call you Gregy, couz , you are younger, but more courageous then me.My vife and I pray for you every time you pass by our house with a help of your loving mother. Manny manny people should look up to you for inspiration and dedication, because you are a beacon of light and hope.We love you…

  3. Merry Christmas Greg! 2018 will be better year. You have come so far already and you are proof that you can improve with exercise and dedication!

  4. Love the website Greg. You are the most committed person I have ever met. Don’t ever give up on yourself and your goals.

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