ahh yes, new year!  All wishes for this year are made I hope?  of course, it’s not too late on the first day.


just a simple test video, don’t be too harsh it’s in the am…

I keep making typing mistakes inputting 2019 but anyway everything is going well…. I still got that weird shoulder pain and it’s not going away? not sure what to make of it, I know its muscle related but deep inside.s still holding…


all is well trying new things.  My new year’s resolution is still holding but I’m out of honey.


I’m good, found another jar of honey that was hidden…


well finally something was accomplished after numerous failed attempts….once I can do it somewhat better it will be shown.  The egg consumption has increased plus lost 3lbs and yes I weighed myself out of curiosity.


well I was trying something and it was underestimated plus the cookie I ate must have worn off and a small injury was made….to be continued


just wanted to show off my new shades…


just performing some new and exciting exercises… who said exercise can’t be fun?


Just wanted to wish everyone a happy greasy Thursday.


I have a small lower back injury so I’m avoiding that area not to push it.  everything is well just relaxing as always the summer is approaching.


since I got overconfident I injured my lower back again however at least I know what has been pushed that caused the injury. I will now skip this exercise, for now, will see if that will not make it worse and if other things will get injured. No pain noting right?


I hope everyone had a nice day yesterday I did?


it has gotten warm but I still managed to complete a few workouts and sure a beer once in a while to satisfy my urge.  At the moment everything is peachy though some of my skin started to peel like a snake losing the skin it once had.


nothing urgent just finished for today but to inform you things are progressing faster than usual, however, I’m not complaining


well, I wanted to bike today…


the temperature is rising..pool soon but will I be ready?


yes, the burn is coming perfect time to walk or just relax.


The pool is ready just waiting for suitable water temperature.