Happy New Year!  I assume your new resolutions have been made?  Kicking the year off with a glass of red wine, all the best for you this year…..I will kick off fyi.


Going well…I have a few plans.  Will they work out?  not sure but I have plans.


I wanted to hear myself…..right like you haven’t.


Finally able to have some winter fun with my daughter….yes.  Things are going super well at the moment.


I stood in one place trying to break my 45 min record, I stood 1.5h and got a cramp but a new record was made.  Yes it was boring fyi


Going well, I accomplished something finally.  I will show it soon just need to practice it more.


it’s going….wishing everyone a happy Easter.


things are good…. left arm/leg has a warm sensation.  Summer is almost here and a plan has been made just waiting for the warm weather now.  My balance has improved and is still improving.


We moved into a new place that my parent’s purchased, we were going back and forth for a while but moved in officially not too long ago.  Doing renovations to the house so my partner and I can’t wait.