Happy New Year!  I assume your new resolutions have been made?  Kicking the year off with a glass of red wine, all the best for you this year…..I will kick off fyi.


Going well…I have a few plans.  Will they work out?  not sure but I have plans.


I wanted to hear myself…..right like you haven’t.


Finally able to have some winter fun with my daughter….yes.  Things are going super well at the moment.


I stood in one place trying to break my 45 min record, I stood 1.5h and got a cramp but a new record was made.  Yes it was boring fyi


Going well, I accomplished something finally.  I will show it soon just need to practice it more.


it’s going….wishing everyone a happy Easter.


things are good…. left arm/leg has a warm sensation.  Summer is almost here and a plan has been made just waiting for the warm weather now.  My balance has improved and is still improving.


We moved into a new place that my parent’s purchased, we were going back and forth for a while but moved in officially not too long ago.  Doing renovations to the house so my partner and I can’t wait.


going good, figure I post my sessy picture.


ahhh yes June already…….just resting after my exercise.


yes….rest, finally.


ok,  my handrail was moved outside but we had a heatwave so usually in the late afternoon I used it when the shade was on it.  Secondly, I bang my elbow somehow it got infected and as my reward, I’m on antibiotics for a week now, however, I’m more excited to my normal schedule to return as this interfered with it but I’m good.


I’m still in an elbow recovering mode but you can see my handrail placement for a few months anyway.


A bit caught off guard on my handrails.


I have a back injury must have got up wrong or something….. Right now I’m relaxing plus don’t want to be popping pain pills constantly but only on must basis.