Well it’s a new year and a new start.  I hope everyone had a good Christmas and NYE.  I have a few new workouts I researched and want to try with adding 2 more hours to my workout for the resolution.  Will see if I manage.  I will post some pictures very soon, Cheers!


Things are going very well.  I had a fantastic pool day Wednesday.  I believe 2013 is my year, I thank everyone for your kind words. It’s nice to get support especially from strangers, there are people with warmth in this materialistic world. Can’t wait to post “I’m walking news” soon. I’ll post my MRI Image shortly, I mixed up the dates.  Other update: I’m stronger for sure, I wanted to add 2 more hours, and I lasted 3 days.  My body was in shock and said enough.  So back to 6-8 hours a day it is.



On my way to pick up my daughter, I stopped by the hospital and grabbed my MRI cd.  Everything is back to normal and I can continue.



I wanted to make a different blog but there is too many people that have things bookmarked so I today scraped that Idea.  I’m doing very well, things are not easy but I try to smile and attempt it again.  Pool is going better than I thought but still shy but soon.  I met new people at the pool which see my progress and cheer me on.  I will record my next pool, I think there is progress but you decide.  Overall things are well, I’m here if you have a question.  Cheers!



Thing’s are going very well in pool, I tried to show but was under camera pressure but I can make it across off camera, compared 2 month’s ago.  Changing my exercises I fell into a routine and I’m getting out.  Muscles you don’t see play a major role, so it’s time to target them again.  I’m progressing with no magic healers just faith and hard work and God will reward me in the end.   Soon new update’s until that time, cheers!


I did some DNS changes, the result the website was down for 2 day’s. However it’s gregsiofer.com now. I tried Reiki as suggested, not sure if anything is different, I have no new powers to report.  Pool is closed for a week for maintenance, so next week I’ll go.  I’m tempted to go outside on my monorail but maybe next week, it’s warmer now so I’ll give a workout again.

I have to adjust my routine since my daughter will be here for March break.  I’m stronger on most of my workout’s I re-did.  My workout’s are unique now with my twist focusing on small muscles.  It’s March already but I’m optimistic and aim for getting around by summer.  No running yet or flip’s tho that is on my future list.




The week went by fast.  I worked-out less but enjoyed my quality time with my daughter.  I put on my jeans and wow lost at least 3 sizes.  Need to shop for pants now.  I’m good, body took some rest and back at it Monday.


Hello, missed pool 1+ week’s or so. I will resume tomorrow but tried a few different exercises instead. I must say, my overall strength has improved!  Keeping positive and moving forward.  To answer a question: my daughter is my best motivator and soon we can travel.



I must report this! I had a super day at pool last night. Even with my break it took around 5 minutes to get used to the water. After at least 3x faster compared to my previous best pool day. My body was holding my bigger steps, maybe it was the chocolate square I had?


While walking with my walker like I do everyday.  Some people stop and ask if they can help or want to know what happened.  This happened a few times, it’s nice that people are curious.  Usually you just drive by!  I figure I’ll mention this.  other news: I watched a few videos, I  will try a few new exercises adding my style like I do to fit my needs, who knows.  Anyway I have more fresh new work-outs now to freshen things up.


Just got back from pool.  I’ll rate myself as “medium”.  I’m trying normal walking pace in water, I loose it around 1/4th way.  Maybe 2 weeks or more, I can do everything!  I’ll make a vid.


After working-out you tend to sweat.  Well guess what! little droplets of sweat on my forehead(right side).  A signal is getting through, weak but still!


I hope everyone had a happy Easter and did not eat too much eggs like me.  I strongly believe I can walk the handrail’s in around 2-3 week’s.  I can do around a third now which is great because I may reach my independent goal by winter season.  I’m trying new work-out’s I found, it look’s easy on video.  The difficulty is harder when I try it, regardless I keep trying.



I did a few new work-outs, boy am I sore today.  New body movement, can’t complain I guess…  Still out cold outside, maybe next week I can go on my monorail.  I’ll take a picture of me during my training. Anyway happy April.


I started to write when I can.  I have neglected my writing a bit, but now I write in the morning/lunch/evening.  I’m practising my signature, I noticed that at late afternoon or after my work-out my writing is really bad.  I did a comparison from 4 years ago until now, I can read what I wrote now and before not.  I’ll keep writing and maybe soon I can write a page with no pause.



I’m going to try my monorail today, yes it’s time.  I asked my dad for a counter balance so at least 80-90% of my weight is down, not 100%.  In a month or so but for now make it easier, will see.  I started few new exercises, sore after well next day anyway.  Good to change things around, my body was used to it and it was not challenging enough, until now.  I’m getting sculpted as a result, tho it’s not my goal I can’t complain.  It shows I’m stronger.



I must say I’m impressed in my self. I believe I will be able to try walking with the walker by myself in about 1-2 months from now. Walking independent has improved but I need more training, maybe late summer but overall I’m very happy. I can now have a beer to celebrate.


Well I had my beer! maybe it was the secret weapon for my super pool day today?  I started for my first time walking backwards.  I must say for my first time it was super.  Maybe next week I can record my walking, knowing it I’ll fall.(camera pressure) haha  Other than that, I’m good o almost forgot.  I’m going on my monorail this weekend and going to try 2 ski sticks for side balance.  1 stick was a bit hard, will see. Maybe it will help….


I tried walking with 2 sticks, it causes me to concentrate more on the sticks than walking.  1 stick or none instead is good besides I challenge my body more.  Very happy with my performance, dad put a spring instead of the counter balance, the result… about 15% support and I don’t exhaust myself that quick.   I can now do more exercises…yay!


My fan page is ready https://www.facebook.com/gsiofer thanks to Dzee Shahid.  other news: I worked-out too hard on my legs, it’s day 2 and still sore.  Note to myself: when legs are shaking just from standing STOP! leg work-out.  Also I made the harness more difficult, it’s now at my %100 body weight thanks to dad for adjustment.


Don’t laugh at my walking please it was my third time on harness.  I wanted to record pool today but my lesson got cancelled.  I’ll record next time.  Weather is crazy so I work-out mostly inside and yes I do beeeeeeeeep sometimes.  I really hope for late summer, even so so walking, will see.  Everything is good, I keep a smile on, besides I’m sure there is a plan for me.


It’s Sunday, I try not to do anything well physical anyway.  Just standing, writing and my co-ordination.

I figured I include a picture of this duck.  Rain, wind and heat it’s always on her eggs, she never gives up and neither should you.  If a duck can last so can you!



Well now I can walk double what you saw in the video and this morning I was able to get up holding my balance.  Is the rum shot I had the magic potion?  In any case everything is x2 speed.  Makes you wonder…. but not complaining.


Firstly I would like to thank Dawna, Jim his brother with wife and Christy at terratrike.com for getting me this bike.  It was a lovely surprise, first thing I did was bike with my daughter to the park. Because of their kind spirits I’m now mobile and can see things that I could not see . Thank you.

Other news: I really pushed my back too much.  It’s day 2 and really sore, just sitting hurts.  I’m resting until I heal this!


I worked-out at 80%, don’t want hurt my back again.  Had little pain nothing major.  It should be 100% tomorrow and back at it.


I’m back at 100% yes baby.  I got a haircut and you can see my scar, yes I know it’s lovely.  Anyway I took a picture so I can share my funny story.  OK so it’s #7 but here it goes: my ex house was #7, ex street had 7 character’s, dad’s bday is #7, I was on the 7th floor, there where 7 nurses, first room had a 7, second had a 7, cell number begins with #7, ex dog bday #7, my bday 17, born 79…. there is a big list.  Weird huh, I figure I share this.  I guess my lucky number is 7.



Ok, so my fastest speed was 31k on 8th gear but for 1 minute.  It’s way too fast so I just cruise now on 5th gear.  I try to go each day for an hour, unless it rains.


Happy Mothers day to all the mom’s firstly.  I try to relax on Sunday with gentle exercises.  I hurt my sides, did too much twisting.  Other than that I’m good.


While training on the bosu-ball laying down on my stomach.  There was a little crunch on the right bottom rib.  Now it hurts, it’s more of a discomfort.  I try to avoid that area now with doing exercises.


pool was ok, bit under camera pressure but I believe it’s better than my other video.  I’m good overall, trying some new exercises that may help but you may see my special twist.   Stay tuned for more of my adventures…

FYI: with mom and trainer.


All good things happen with hard work!  Two babies have hatched, super miracle.  In despite all odd’s and their surrounding, when we say “no way” the unthinkable happens and we are proved wrong!


A nice picture was made for me, thank you. I still have the discomfort, it won’t go away.  Pool today was good, I’m going to try a new workout shortly.  I’m good otherwise.



I took out the elliptical and wow lost major endurance.  I’m back at it now and won’t let this happen again.  My discomfort hurts less now maybe gone by next week? Anyway my focus is legs now.


I’m posting a video that is helping me maybe it can help you?


I  hope you like the video?  It was given to me from a friend and it does motivate you.  I started to walk in the pool with my hands behind my back.  It is extremely difficult for me but I hope to master it within a month.  I made a new record of 16 full push-ups compared to 14 my previous and 2 sets yes 2 sets.  Had a meeting with my  neurologist, everything is going super heck I think I’m in better shape now then before the surgery.  Just keeping positive.


June already!  I tried not to do anything but I felt guilty and did some.  Can’t help it, I must say I may have a addiction problem of working-out too much but is that bad?  First step is admitting I think but anyway my pain is now gone, going to avoid my rib area for another week o and I lost 1 lbs in a week if that is news.


Happy Thursday!  I try to not do physical workouts on the weekend “try” is the key word.  This picture shows me grabbing a string and cutting it.  Look’s easy eh?  Well not really for me, I may have swore a “few” times.  This exercise works my coordination which I lack.



Well it’s Sunday…. did the treadmill and some balance exercise and a elliptical.  I was going to rest?  It was my plan anyway when I got up.  I guess there is always a next week.  Back full throttle tomorrow.


So its Monday, I figure I’ll be outside tho it might rain.  Targeting my abs, core mostly….. feeling good.  The grass is slippery so my feet do slide.



Sure is warm today!  Going to add a minute more to my elliptical machine workout today, I’m sure to sweat.  My goel is 30 minutes by end of June…. well maybe by mid Aug.

2013-06-09 14.42.59


I said mid August?  more like mid July the way I’m adding minutes.  I’m happy at my performance with hard work of course.  Other news: almost mastered walking in pool, few fall’s here and there but there is progress!  Ate too many Almonds a day so cut that down.


Not sure if this is news?  I weight myself today and I’m 193lbs compared to 209lbs, yes I know it’s not a huge difference but it’s something.


I have links added of pages I visit often to grab an idea, Enjoy!


Well…I busted my neck.  Now it hurts when I turn my head right, not sure how that happened but anyway….


Neck still hurting but heck no pain no gain, right?  Made a new record of 15 minutes on the elliptical but I might of pushed too hard and I’m not doing it today.  Below is an image of me on a cushion unit.



Neck pain is almost gone!  Going to a wedding today, it’s good to get out.  Did some basic exercises today, nothing fancy.  I will resume hard workouts Monday, until then.


Wedding was fun but I’m back at it.  It got warm outside so most workouts I do outdoors.  Can’t say much but it’s warm.



I’m going to attempt be outside later, can I survive the heat?  Overall things are going well, had a small boobo from the elliptical.

2013-06-24 09.40.57


WOW! It rained, after a week of everyday day rain forecast.  Doing a workout below, trying to move the  punching pear in circles, or if I get mad I hit it with my head.  Of course keeping my balance.  Sure it gets hot, I’m mostly all wet in around 30 minutes, but I guess it is a sign of my body working.

2013-06-26 20.21.08


Well I slept with the window open, what a mistake.  4:30am a bird started to tweet and of course I woke up.  10 minutes later a bird party, well now numerous birds tweeted.  15 minutes later just 1 bird and I fell asleep.  Will try to do minimal today so my body can rest.  I was able to do 1 out of 6 training videos I saw haha looked easy on screen.  I want to try other video workouts but I’ll wait till Monday.

ps: I fixed 2 spelling mistakes, thanks for noticing.  You might got 2-3 emails of updates, sorry for the inconvenience,  Boy does that sound like a internet provider?


Ok it happened again but worse…. this can be an end to my open window?  Just managing my basic workouts on balance heck I got time to type this.


I was really tired last night for some strange reason.  Did minimal training but on the good side of things, I now sleep with my window closed.


I visited a Dr last night for my palsy.  There is a 2 step process but I qualify.  I’m on the waiting list for surgery and results are very similar to original plus I can smile, whistle etc… can’t wait.


Well it’s Monday!  You know what that means?  Yes beginning of the week and what better to start the day off with this awesome warm weather.  My daughter taking advantage of my break and dressing me up.

2013-07-04 19.40.57


Started pool walking again, after around 3 week break.  I must say, it went better of what I thought.  Continuing with my workouts, even when it’s hot.  Everything else is ok.


My pool training is going better then my expectation… maybe it’s the chocolate square I eat before pool?  Makes me think…. but I’m not going to complain.  My spirit is high.


It’s Sunday! yes…. anyway, I went to the beech/park last night.  A nice place not too far, will go there again but will bring sun screen this time.  Yes I  got burned, even in the shade but it was different than home.


Ok!… it’s hot.  I tried to be outside no go.


This heat is ridiculous, I color instead.  Not only for my co-ordination but my wrist.  Is it pretty?  I do my other workouts in the basement but you tend not want to do anything in this heat.

2013-07-15 14.47.01


There was a storm, a lightning hit our pole and booom no power… we are using a generator right now. What I hear 30% of city has no power… I did something today finally, but I’m not going to spoil it.  NO SIR! Instead I’ll practice some more and make a video.  My mom made cabbage rolls for dinner, Yes I know.  Lucky bum, in other news: it’s hot!

ps: I watched some videos and now I’m pumped up

2013-07-19 14.05.36


Quick update: truck fixed the pole at 5am or so.  I got power now!


Just doing abs below, sometimes I ask my mom for assistance.  Hot weather is not letting go, I now drink 2 glasses of water more just in case.  I tend to heat up while exercising.



On a rare occasion I do upper back.  Can’t leave it neglected, maybe it’s used?  Anyway… it’s not my priority.



It’s Tuesday!… I want to try a few things today.  I’m a bit sore from last night, my main motivator(shown below) exhausted me.  There is just not enough time and strength for everything.


01August 2013

Ok… my pc broke, not sure how? Will update more shortly, I lost a few things.

03August 2013

Sooo… my pc broke. Tech is coming next week to replace a broken hard drive. Thankfully I had a online back up which I do weekly, I lost 3 days of data some pictures etc… no big deal. Can’t upload a image, not sure how on a tablet. I will do it when I’m up.


Hi…nothing new but the weather is coo


Hi… pc still broken but my daughter saw me doing something. I’m. at maybe 75% now. I’ll record at 90% or soo.


So I fixed my laptop at 90%, doing all updates now.  Waiting for a tech would take another week, laugh.  Anyway when he gets here I’ll just give him the part.  I’m walking pretty good at pool maybe at 90%.  I tip on occasion only once in a while, maybe at 100% end of month?  Trying not to look at my feet while walking…not easy.  Below is a picture after a bike ride with my girl last week, I think.


Ok…I was dumb, making my laptop better made me do it over but now I have back up for every scenario. Other news : things are going good, I was able to do it twice what I want to show you but not there yet. I will record sooner than I thought.


I took a day off last night……I know, I know.  I got lazy but I thought about it if that counts?  Today I think I pushed myself to hard…hand is shaking.  I still have plans for outdoors but might now be delayed.


I changed my routine, now hardcore workouts are Tues, Thurs and Sat.  A little change might do some good.  Below a workout for my abs, stabilizing muscles and posture as a bonus.  You just move in all directions, fun.



I think in pool I noticed the most changes overall. I think the workouts inside are helping even with minimal noticing. I do continue with my workouts and I’m going forward. Thing’s are well and I’m happy which is the most important thing.


Nothing new but a few new workouts I researched and want to try. I will resume tomorrow but tried a few different exercises instead. Bit tired last night after a workout. I try to go easy on the weekend and going to go easy today will see…. hard work of doing nothing. Well maybe a little crunch here and there.


Ok…I worked out a little but I was board.  Mom took picture feet together and try to stand.  Once I master this I’ll make it harder.

2013-08-22 13.46.40


Sure is humid, not helping me at all.  Signed up for private pool lessons starting min Sept, will try to record a video.  I have improved but the video will show.


Wooohooo September right…. sure is hot. I trimmed my own personal workouts because of the heat. I will resume hard workouts soon. in the meantime I just do simple workouts. It’s just to hot and to change my shirt often gets annoying. What can I say but weather.


I must say, pool is going great!  I now can do 2x across meaning, walk a length turn and walk back.  Now once I master this, I’ll record.  I’m at around 90% at this so it should not take too long.


Below with my daughter, I’m on a vibration machine. Does it work, you ask? Well… I used to stand on it, now I’m sitting. Can’t hurt, worth a try. I started acupuncture once a week, nice fellow. I figure I’ll give it a try again. Taking a week off from physical exercise, I get to tired too much, maybe a sign. A week rest will help my body recover.


Enjoying my time off, heck I got time to do nothing.  Body is resting…. can’t complain.


My pool is going super!  I’m thinking it’s because I’m not going physically hard.  Is that the cause?  I will resume Monday with my regular routine will see if pool is affected if it is I’m doing too much…. will monitor my progress.


Pool is going 10x fold right now, my routine so far has no affect on my performance but I think it’s to early to judge.  Everything is going really well, can it be the break I had?


Ok so last night I walked backwards half the pool.  What is happening with my  quick progress?  I’m not complaining, it’s just unusual… very and I mean very.


Me again, in pool weird when the camera is on me I do worse but maybe since it’s Friday?  I had super days this week anyway.  I’ll show a different video on mid week, seemed tired plus camera pressure.  Overall everything is better.


Hello, I will focus on my lower back, mid section and hip’s.  Bigger steps causes my hip jump out forward and in water if trying to be straight plunges me back.  I either have weak muscles or tight muscles and they can’t hold my movement.  If my guess is right in 2-3 weeks I will have huge progress, stay tuned..


So I did some tests and my mid section is good with my lower back but my hip not so much. This means I found my source of my problem, I will now focus my energy on it. Everything is good better than my expectation, everything is going like 2x weird…. not complaining.


Almost the end of the month, exciting eh?  I feel kind of weak but it is not stopping my plans, no sir.  Below is one of my favorite exercises yes I do it often, maybe too often?



New month!  Everything is going really well, my right forearm is sore and I’m not sure why?  Pool is going good, I changed my routine a bit and I’m improving as a result.  Changing a few things outside too…. got warm so I’m outside more often.  Met a few new people and got more motivation to finish my task.  I believe my body is in the healthiest state now than ever before.


Everything is going super…. I hurt my lower back so I had little exercise past 2 day’s. However I will try today and will see. It’s going better now, seeing great progress.


Was not able to do back but It did not stop my plan. I’m back to normal now but as a result of this I made my thighs sore yes my thighs…. but back is now ok, go figure. Pool is going great actually everything is going super, seeing fast progress right now.


Everything is going well,  no hiccups.  I hope to make a super video  by my birthday if God let’s me….  below my daughter helping me train.



Quick update!  Everything is well, pool is going very well and excited on my new progress which I’ll record soon.


Happy Monday!…right  Nothing new to update however my exercise list has changed, for the better I hope?  Below an image of me either updating the website or replying to your emails.


Here is a motivation song I like to share, it is great workout music, I think anyway…


I came to a conlusion that I get tired on Friday. Over a month or so that day is always off, my balance is off and strength. Best day’s are Tues and Wednesday I noticed. Overall I’m very happy with my performance.


Thing’s are going very well. Can’t say much but it’s going, stronger than before, I notice on my workouts. Christmas is approaching need to start shopping.


I’m thinking of taking Thursday’s off from physical workout’s.  It’s only Wednesday but I feel tired, maybe too much?  Not sure… however made one Christmas purchase already and yes online, I have purchased online before for a few years now very convenient and with no problems.


Soooo it’s November already!  Nothing to report but tired today for a strange reason.  Going to drink a coffee maybe that will help?


Was a bit tired, did not want to do anything today but I did!  It’s over now just pool is left, I should get a candy.


Ok… take my candy away, I had a day off last night.  I was really tired deprived of energy, I don’t feel to great now but not taking 2 day’s off.


Nothing really to say…. expect I’m good.  Below a picture of me on my 4’s working-out.



The basement got finished and I now can move in with my stuff.  No more working-out on the upper floor, however I did it anyway with no complaints.



So my mom baked a cake and I could not resist but try it.  All I can say is mmmmmmm



I will report I walked 2x+ times around the pool, I say + because I had to go but wooohooo. Everything else is really good, even the weather.


Ok I made a silly mistake and I was down, my fault!  Trying another name but I misspelled and just noticed haha  Pool is going great doing new things all the time and holding my new moves.  I came across this image thank you Alma , so true:



Everything is in order, it.’s Monday and back at it. Did not do much on the weekend I was little under the weather so I just played lazy. Pool later today and I want to attempt a few exercises today.


Ok I finally did it! now gregsiofer.com will forward to iwillbewalking.com yes I do think it’s easier to remember.



Everything is going really well.  I have a small cold but not major.  Focusing on my legs mostly to get them even stronger and my core.  Below a picture of me sitting, Yes I do sit sometimes!



Everything is good… no new update to report.  However I’m feeling good.


Just got back from my neurologist appointment, heck what can I say that I did not know already?  Yes I will be walking and he will send a few articles regarding some medication I can take to speed up the body process.  I’m optimistic about any meds I came this far without any will see….  Below exercising again:


I had my facial surgery, firstly a big. thank you again to the Doctor and. his team and the lovely nurses just quick post. Im very tired but well.


quick update: the surgery was at the Hamilton General Hospital on Dec 13th which was around 8 hours.  I was in hospital for 6 days total, I got discharged early because my recovery went better than thought.  I was in a BTU Unit and had excellent care 4 nurses 9 people only.

A muscle(not needed at all) was taken from my inner thigh and placed/connected to my left cheek. Everything is changing the muscle is still week but all function of the face are coming back, in a few weeks movement will slowly show when connected nerves heal.  However I’m already getting compliments on my speech.  It will be a few weeks before any physical workouts, I’m around 40% now energy wise.  For now updates on my recovery.

Below a picture after surgery:

photo 11


I have enough energy now to type this.  After the surgery even now my speech understanding is up around 40% or so, total I would say around 88%, now my grading is very low.  People are very surprised I know I ‘am.  I’m still have swelling and I’ m not 100% but I’m impressed already.  Some stiches have been removed today on my face, still some on my leg.  Swelling is down overall, I say few more days.


It has been a super birthday/Christmas gift, it is very nice to receive warmth from strangers and love from parents.  I wish for everyone to have a loving Christmas and a loving new year.  I know 2014 there are major changes that are going to happen to me.

photo 6

Wishing everyone a Merry. Christmas.


Still the cheek is a bubble but going down.  A physio person is going to help me with new exercises I’m excited looks like he knows and is knowledgeable on the topic, happy to add new stuff to mine.  I’m still impressed on the result of this surgery, an amazing job I must say again.  You will see my smile in 2-3 months… scary.  I made a quick video of my speech, you  be the judge:

Wishing you a Happy New Year.


I started to workout lightly last night, around 2 hours I would say in the morning.  My physiotherapist came in the afternoon so I had some energy.  He showed me a few exercises I was familiar with them but one spent an hour or so.  I never knew they where so important so firstly I will do them.  Looking forward to his next visit where the difficulty will increase, can’t wait!  I’m a little sore, weird did not do much. I’m going to see a nurse today maybe my drain from my leg will come out?  If not this week, my swelling is down.  Till next time, in 2014.

ps: no drinking too much today

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