15 Feb 2011

Doing good, working out hard, stood for 45min.  I lost about another 7lbs, stronger and small improvements are noticed which keeps me motivated.  I’m told I work out too much but I’m getting results and can’t stop.  I hope next update is it.

April 25, 2011

Still going strong and working out.  Got a personal trainer, balance has improved.  Some machines where purchased to help work out.  Working out strategy has changed, seeing small improvements.  Got more strength plus better coordination, my spirit is higher than ever.

23 May 2011

Things are good and my health is improving.  Dad built a monorail underneath the roof and today top of treadmill, now I can simulate walking with 0 supervision.  I’m going forward with my life, I’m better, stronger, and feel good.   I will keep you updated.

13 June 2011

What can I say?  Still going strong, not lost faith.  Working-out hard to reach my goal.  The day will come….

31 July 2011

I’m still working out and going strong, going to try a new device that might help my balance.I have a personal trainer had her for a while.  We are targeting fine movements as muscle wise we believe I’m ready, it’s just maintenance now.  I’ll keep you updated.


Training with brainport, too soon to notice changes.  I’m told it will take 2 weeks, worth a try.

07 Sep 2011

Well, I stopped using brainport.  It was not for me, I noticed 0 improvements.  So I returned it.  Let’s face it, working out is a sure bet not to kid yourself with products.


I must say I made 3 steps multiple times, my body is starting to hold.  Waiting for the hospital to call so I can get into physio there.  They built a bulding just for physio.  Still working out.


Cant say much, I was sick a week and workout was on hold but I’m at it again.


Currently doing physio at a hospital in a physio building. Fingers crossed.


I have spent about 1.5 months in hospital duing physio.  I have met some great people, plus learned new excercises and gained an Idea for my new walker.  Getting my legs stronger everyday.  I’m very happy about my changes, I will keep you informed.

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